We have the leading technology consultants to bring our customers the best

solutions based on the world's leading platform


With a number of successful projects and carefully trained employees, HIGGSUP has confident of its knowledge, expertise as well as the way to approach many fields to give the most efficient and suitable technology solutions.

We set the criterion of quality on the top and it is the measure of the success of HIGGSUP. We are not willing to compromise with bad products that jeopardize the benefit of our customers. Hence, HIGGSUP has been appreciated by many customers and chosen as a long-term partner.

"Empowered Technology Matters", HIGGSUP is the common house for young people who love technology and passion for creativity, and ready to take on the challenge. Read more







Project Success Rate

Project Success Rate

Employee Turnover Rate

Employee Turnover Rate

No. of Employee

No. of Employee


Quality Assurance & Testing

Manual & Automation Testing

Mobile, Web, Embedded Testing

Secure, Performance & Functional Testing

API Testing (SOAP, Restful, Custom)

Project Management

Project Planning

Risk Management

Progress, Quality Management

Process Management

Software Development

Provide Solutions

Software Development

Maintance and Migration

Deploy and Operation

Resources For Hire

Business Analytic

Developers (Java, .NET, Javascript)

Tester/Quality Assurance

Designer (2D/3D/Movie Maker)

Project Manager, Scrum Master

Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Center Classic

Offshore Development Center Branded

Offshore Development Center Trust

Private Room / Office

Dedicated Network Line / VPS

Digital Transformation

Customer experience management

Multi-channel commerce

Customer relationship management

Digital marketing

New business models


E - Commerce - Retail

B2C, C2C systems.

E-commerce Mobile Applications

3rd party System Integration

Internal systems (CRM, ERP ...) Integration

Analysis, Statistics Report

Sale - Marketing

Online Marketing Solutions

Multi-Source Data Collection

Manage customer information

Affiliate Marketing

Analysis, large data processing

Logistic and Supply Chain

Freight management

Warehouse Management

Supply Chain Management

Route Routing

Multinational Transport Connection

Finance & Insurance

Enhance and Migration

Integration and Development

End User Applications

Inner Organization Applications

Special Management Tools



01 - Respect


"At HIGGSUP, we respect and always listen to differental viewpoints; encourage all new ideas, creative thinking, breakthroughs so that each member can develop maximize capacity, effectiveness cooperation in and out of organization."

02 - Fairness


"All OUR members evaluate and support each others. We believe fairness is the key of a strong foundation for our organization. We also apply this for all clients - treasure each client and do our best"

03 - Trustworthy


"HIGGSUP believes "All Success begins with TRUST". That is the trust between clients and HIGGSUP, between Higgers themselves. So we prove ourselves trustworthy with each others and our clients"

04 - High Quality


"HIGGSUP put High Quality as standard for all products, services and work that we are doing. Proficiently apply Waterfall, Agile (Scrum/Kanban) model along with up to date development tools, we can adapt various client working models"


05 - Creativity


"HIGGSUP believes creativity is the key for accelebrate of any organization. We combine the existing knowledge, continous researching new technologies and new way of thinking - to help solve problem ourselves and for our clients. Our creativity focus to saving, increase effectiveness for every matters we doing"




Mr Trần Xuân Đức

Mr Trần Xuân Đức

“ We have been working with Higgsup for almost two months until now and has been absolutely satisfied with their service quality. They did really help solve our problems with their strong customer-focused working spirit and their remarkably effective IT solutions. We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Higgsup - one of our truly reliable partners. ” CEO of RELIPA SOFTWARE
Mr Trần Trung Kiên

Mr Trần Trung Kiên

“ I feel great working with Higgsup for many years. Understand their contribution, devotion through each solution and project that we cooperate; I appreciate these efforts as well as appreciating the capacity of the Higgsup team. I believe that Higgsup will be a prestigious unit in the software industry in Vietnam in the near future! ” CEO of Qsoft Vietnam
Mr Nguyễn Tất Kiểm

Mr Nguyễn Tất Kiểm

“ As a customer of Thanh Le (CEO of Higgsup), from the very beginning I was impressed with the professionalism of him and his intelligent way of thinking. Thanh Le and his team always provide me with the best solution at very reasonable cost. If you are having an IT problem, come and talk to Thanh Le; You will get enthusiastic and effective advices. ” Giám đốc điều hành TAKI ACADEMY
Mr Phạm Đức Toàn

Mr Phạm Đức Toàn

“ Flexible, creative, professional is what I feel from the staff team of Higgsup. In the process of cooperation, we had a great experience with Le (CEO of Higgsup) and team. I fully believe in the quality of Higgsup personnel and the great results they can produce. ” CTO of HCS Việt Nam


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